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Olio DeMarco
Olio Beato
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3 Liter Tin and 3/4 Liter Bottle

Pietro DeMarco Importers is the exclusive importer of Olio Beato Organic Olive Oil

Olio DeMarco is the DeMarco Family's Private Label. Olio DeMarco is cultivated from olives from family farms in the Region of Puglia. Olio DeMarco  is certified Kosher for Passover & Year Round Use

The olives for Olio DeMarco are harvested with care in a careful process using no pesticides or harsh chemicals to ruin the original taste of the fruit. Since the olives are fragile and firmly attached to the tree, they are still frequently harvested by hand. Workers balance on ladders and climb into the branches, snatching limbs with one hand and combing with the other with plastic comb heads. They may use small hand tools to strip the branches or use their hands, which they protect by wearing gloves or taping their palms. The most modern method which farmers use to collect the olives is the use of a new machine that grips onto the trunk of the olive tree and shakes it. The vibration of the tree makes the mature olives fall off and leaves behind the un-ripened olives.

Many experts feel that hand harvesting is essential to producing the finest quality oils because mechanical picking bruises the fruit and increases the acidity and tartness of the resulting oil.

The packaging of Olio DeMarco  is outstanding in appearance and has the distinctive "Family Crest" on the label. Each bottle and tin has important and valuable information for the consumer as well as a freshness date to ensure quality and great taste.

Olio DeMarco is Pure Extra Virgin. When you say Extra Virgin, you mean maximum quality.  Olio DeMarco is First Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Unfiltered Olive Oil, with less than 0.35% acidity.

DeMarco Family Tradition - The art of processing at the oil mill is a family tradition, and has remained in the hands of the same family for five generations. This family legacy is the hallmark of quality.

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